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Frequently Asked Questions
12-04-2010, 06:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-01-2012, 05:00 PM by Andrew J.)
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs articles on Hardware Revolution: Here are some questions I see all the time.

Q: What does OEM mean?
A: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it means that you only get the part, no cables, instructions, or anything else.

Q: Are SATA III hard drives worth it?
A: No, mechanical hard drives cannot saturate SATA II so SATA III is pointless and a big marketing gimmick. Note: SSDs can benefit from SATA III.

Q: Do SATA III motherboards work with SATA II hard drives?
A: Yes.

Q: If I want my SATA III SSD to run at its rated speed do I need a SATA III cable?
A: No, all SATA cables are identical, calling a SATA cable "SATA III compatible" is just another marketing gimmick.

Q: Do I need an aftermarket cooler? I'm not planning on overclocking.
A: No, unless you are getting an OEM processor, an Intel unlocked processor, or a server (Xeon/Opteron) processor.

Q: Which is better, single or multiple rail power supplies?
A: They both have pros and cons. Here are two articles that explain the difference: 1 & 2.

Q: Do I have to plug in both the 4/8 pin AND the 24 pin?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I need to buy thermal paste?
A: No, but using an excellent thermal paste can reduce temperatures by a few degrees.

Q: HWMonitor reads my AUXTIN is over 100C! What is it and why is it so hot?
A: The AUXTIN number really does not mean anything.

Q: Do LGA 1156 heatsinks work with LGA 1155?
A: Yes.

More FAQs will be added in the future as necessary.

Your friendly forum administrator.

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