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New Build Locking Up... How I Diagnose?
05-12-2011, 08:18 PM,
RE: New Build Locking Up... How I Diagnose?
Thanks for the input. I should be RMA-ing the board tomorrow. I have a question or two. Why might this have happened? How could the board have gotten ruined? It would seem that I did everything right... I was very careful when handling the components and putting the PC together. I installed all the standoffs securely and properly. I didn't screw the motherboard in too tight. I used a surge protector- it may have been a little old, but the "protected when lit" light always stayed on. I have replaced this with a new UPS since these freezing problems started.

Do some boards just come out of the warehouse sort of defective, and die in 2 weeks? I'm so confused because things operated so smoothly and perfectly for the first 2 weeks... Is it possible the board was getting "shorted" somehow? Could some sort of power fluctuation have come through and damaged the components? Should I keep the new PSU I got in case the original one was unstable and messed up the board?

In short, how can I make sure nothing bad happens to the NEW board? Do you think it was just faulty, or could something have happened to it while I was using it? And if so, could what happened have potentially been due to my incompetence, or overlooking something?

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