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Super Budget Computer Build Ideas (also, where'd everybody go?)
04-29-2017, 05:30 PM,
Question  Super Budget Computer Build Ideas (also, where'd everybody go?)
Hey all,

So it's been a while. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for super inexpensive builds/parts that would be good for demonstrating HOW to build a PC to students (I'm a teacher and I'm possibly going to be a part of a summer program where I'll have an opportunity to do this) that does not need great performance. I'm not quite sure of my budget, but the goal would be to get as many rigs as possible so I can have small groups each work on a PC. From a quick search (without checking for compatibility yet) it seems like a super cheap build could go for around $160...

I figure I can save some by using a stock PC cooler, a minimal amount of RAM, and Linux, but ideally I'd have some sort of GPU to demonstrate how to install one and the case would have plenty of room to see/work in. I'd probably be good to do refurbs on anything but the PSU and case...but my biggest question would be what would be good super cheap RAM and a PSU for cheap that won't incinerate the rig or the students (lol, but in all seriousness...)

Even better would be if anyone can think of a place that would be down to donate...but I'm not expecting much there.


PS - Is it just me or did this forum kinda dry up? The last post before this one seems to have been over a month ago. I noticed there's no longer a link on the main website to the forums...was that intentional? So many questions, but really I'm just wondering how things are going...
05-01-2017, 06:23 PM,
RE: Super Budget Computer Build Ideas (also, where'd everybody go?)
whats up dude. yeah been kinda slow, guess all the kiddies are buying more consoles than PC's nowadays. ive been extremely busy in my computer science endeavors, work and trying to get my new to me house in order and building another shop. did you get your dad's computer up and running?

as for your project, if it were me, i would try to find some older PC's on craigs list, local computer shops, etc. it doesnt matter if they are HP, compaq, etc. then what i would do is disassemble them, clean up the parts, and have your class put them back together. most of those old systems had integrated graphics so for the gpu, most of those older systems came with at least one PCI expansion slot. you can buy PCI gpu's off ebay for 5-10 bucks. if you can find some older systems with one PCIE slot even better, older gpu's for those are about the same.

as for raising funds for your project, id check your local computer clubs, maybe the school you teach at could reach out to the Gates foundation, facebook, etc. as they may have a program to supply you with some funds or put you in touch with someone who may be able to help. Pawn shops usually have some cheap computers if you have any of those near you.

one thing i did when i had a shop was to check the local and state government sales. in tennessee we have a site that we bid on for their used equipment when they do computer upgrades. i made quit a bit of money buying lots of these, cleaning them up, installing new drives, loading my OS liscense on them and re-selling. your state may have something similar.

here is another idea to make some side cash or cash for your project, check out this site. i know amcouple of teachers that sell their lesson plans on this site and they have been known to make 100k a year from it.

good luck to ya
05-01-2017, 06:27 PM,
RE: Super Budget Computer Build Ideas (also, where'd everybody go?)
oh one other thing, i know its not a PC build but if you cant find cheap parts you could always go with Raspberry PI and make a PC out of it.

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