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Adding RAM - should I worry about timings?
08-28-2016, 07:52 PM,
Adding RAM - should I worry about timings?
I'm trying to help my dad find RAM to buy and add to a build we're updating. The current ram is the following:

2x2GB 1866 with timings: 9-10-9-28

There are 2 remaining DIMM slots, and he's looking to put in another 8GB (2x4GB). Keeping this in mind, do I need to worry about the timings at all when finding the new sticks? For example, I believe this is the improvement for what we already have, but the timings are a little different.

I haven't thought about this kind of question in years, so help would be appreciated Smile

BTW - The reason for the 1866 is that the build is using an APU/mobo setup I already had that utilizes the 1866:

08-29-2016, 10:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-29-2016, 10:04 AM by PwnBroker.)
RE: Adding RAM - should I worry about timings?
you wont get a definitive answer to your question. it may work or it may not and most of the time if it boots it will down clock to the slowest spec kit. you might be able to set speed and timings in bios to get it stable but it is a coin toss. both kits being the same brand is a plus though.

worse case scenario if you buy the kit, it wont work and you will end up having to buy another kit like the new one.
good luck
08-30-2016, 02:42 PM,
RE: Adding RAM - should I worry about timings?
+1 on what PwnBroker said.

You might get lucky and have it all sync up. I've never that lucky, and most of the times with different flavors of DDR3 1600, it has downclocked to either 1333 or 1066 Mhz.

But if you can't get it to work,the increase from 4GB to 8GB is noticeable for Win10 so still worth it.

You might ask on the G.skill memory forum.

They were very helpful when I was overclocking memory and provided me some good starting points for the sub timings.

You have to register and get approved before you can post, and that took a few days for me.

if you get it to work, I suggest running a memory stability test for an extended run. 24 hours is usually recommended, When I've done this, I've had errors that have crashed the test or the system usually within minutes.

Good luck.
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