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Home hacklab box project
02-23-2016, 03:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-23-2016, 03:15 AM by Larriman.)
Home hacklab box project
Hi everyone, good to be back after so long. Site makeover looks great!

I've recently taken an interest in penetration testing after working in the IT industry for a few years and studying computer science at Uni. I've had ideas for a local NAS or something of the like for a while now, but I think this would allow me to get as close as possible to a real world networking environment to test things in. So far the requirements/ideas I have are:

- at least 4 virtual machines hosted (win xp, win 7, win 10, and some form of linux - probably metasploitable)

- unRAID Host for virtual machines

- 8+ cpu threads (minimum config would be: 1 for win xp, 2 each for win 7/10, 1 for linux, 1 dedicated to unraid and a final thread for something extra, maybe freeNAS)

- additional quad port pci nic (motherboard nic to access the unraid server, 1 port each for the VMs)

- 16gb ram to split among vms/unRAID (2gb each for winxp/linux, 4gb each for win7/win10, 4gb for unraid/breathing room)

- RAID (1 or 5 probably) array split into 5 partitions (1 each for vms/unraid)

- try and find a 2nd hand cisco switch somewhere to plug it all into (plugs needed:
1 - unRAID
4 - VMs
1 - home router / business firewall (depends how cheaply I can find a firewall)
1 - attacker (laptop dual booting kali linux))

I know I could virtualise the nics for each VM, but i want to see how different machines would interact with the switch. also, I like the ability to simply plug the laptop into one of the vms via a physical interface.

So, any thoughts? I don't mind using 2nd hand or old components, this doesn't need to be a performance beast. Might end up using it for software testing on different platforms, but pentesting is the priority.

I have my desktop gaming pc that i may be convinced to salvage some parts from. but i'd like to avoid that. (3570k, 2x gtx 670 2GB, 16gb ram)

I'd like the winxp/linux vms to have 50+gb of storage, and 100gb+ for the win7/win10 vms, would be nice to have them on ssds since waiting for unraid to start then 4 vms might drive me crazy with load times.

max budget is looking at around $1500 but I can go higher with a compelling reason, no need to worry about software costs as I can get most of the software i need through work/uni. if possible I'd love to make room for a windows server installation, or use unraid as my linux target and install windows server as the 4th VM.

02-24-2016, 12:57 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-26-2016, 02:37 PM by PwnBroker.)
RE: Home hacklab box project
the first thing you need is a cpu, motherboard and bios combo that supports vt-d(intel), IOMMU(amd) for device passhru and hardware assignments to your vm's. all of the amd am3+ cpus have all vm extension support when paired with a 970 or above chipset mb, ie fx series cpus, and i believe the newer chips on the fm2 sockets support those extensions as well. if more cores are need then you can look into the opteron series cpu's paired with a dual socket board.

on the intel side a lot of the non-k desktop cpus support vt-d with the k versions only supporting vt-x(virtualization on top of a host OS without i/o support).

if it were me and i was trying to recreate a realworld network/cloud environment for ethical hacking scenarios then i would probably look more to the Xeon e3 series on the cheaper side or the e5 series on the upper scale. since a vast majority of cloud servers use intel xeon platforms, but using the amd opterons can probably get you more for the money.

i built a cheap machine just for SDN and NFV simulation and i went with a cheap asus 970 board and an fx-8320 when they were on sale and it worked out pretty good but i did virtualize the nics although i could have dropped in a pci adapter for physical ports i suppose.

id look to ebay for the network equipment and maybe for the pc/server components. you can usually find good cisco routers and switches for a fraction of new.

good luck
02-26-2016, 02:43 PM,
RE: Home hacklab box project
ok so, you got me wanting to build a home "cloud" setup for some training im gonna have to do by 2020.(my employer wants everyone that works for the company to be trained in virtualizatio and software development by 2020 or else) i came upon this blog with some pretty useful build and setup info that i thought you might find interesting.

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