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Upgrading rig - what's the best GPU/CPU I need/my rig can handle/I can afford?
12-04-2015, 04:39 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-04-2015, 04:51 PM by fillasophy.)
RE: Upgrading rig - what's the best GPU/CPU I need/my rig can handle/I can afford?
Thanks Ped Smile
Yea, I figured it wouldn't do anything...though I do wonder if my 1600 is getting it's full potential or if it's getting limited by the 1333... I think my bios said the RAM was running 1333... meh, it's running fine, so no worries Smile

But it's finally done! The video card came in today, so I was able to complete everything. I had a close call with clearance.... The mobo I'm using has a really bad positioning for the SATA connectors - 4 of the 6 lie in the path of the video card placement. Before I was able to make it work pretty easily, but with the added SATA cable (SSD) and the longer GPU I had to get creative. I happened to have a pair cables with 90 degree connectors, so I put those in under the card and used the other two exposed slots. Things are tight, and didn't get a satisfying click when seating the card, but all is well Smile (Note, I also managed to break a small plastic piece off of the PCI-e mount when removing the old card Sad I'd previously thought it was a locking mechanism or some such, but I honestly can't seem to figure out why it was there before.... ??? )

Win10 automatically found the Geforce driver (which came with a nifty program that seems to optimize supported programs), and the Ark: Survival Evolved was running on high settings with around a 35 - 40 average framerate, so quite happy with the 960, even if it is the slightly lower end one.

The only thing I'm not 100% about is drivers. When I installed Win7 at first (yay free upgrade until June) I had to install the mobo lan driver before I could do anything else, but everything seems to be running fine now... I looked it up, but since my mobo is old and since I can't find Win10 drivers on the gigabyte site, I'm not sure if Win10 found everything it needed and it's all taken care of already or I'm supposed to use the Win8 drivers...

PS - If people want I can post a pick of the result.
PPS - anyone know a good set of orange (not red) case LEDS or cathode lighting, and possibly a recommendation for an orange LED fan (120 mm)? I'm going for a blacked-out Portal vibe - I have an Aperture logo cut out and the blue already, so I just need the orange...

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