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Out of Date
10-05-2015, 11:00 AM,
RE: Out of Date
@peded yeah i agree with you especially if cash is not a problem. with dx12 games coming out next year those older sandy bridge platforms and even the amd bulldozer will get a boost if you have the late model gpu due to hmb2 on next years gpu's will virtually eliminate the pcie bandwidth problem between gen2 and gen3 like we thought we would have looking forward. i have a feeling that an ssd will not fix his problem after his system has booted up because with win10's new memory manager it writes to the page file 50 percent less than with win7/win8 although it does take up a bit more RAM, those files are compressed.(but it will def boot faster).

@krazz, do something for me so that i can see exactly what the problem may be. open all of those apps and games that you normally have running and then tab out to task manager and post the data that you see particularly the cpu usage and memory usage. after that close out the apps with just win10 running and post the new percentages. win10 has some problems with a couple of device drivers that can spike cpu and memory usage to the max. if you do have abnormally high usages then we can go to resmon to see where the resource hog may be. it would be handy to know the titles of the 2 games that you are running.

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