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Next Gen games=30fps cap and higher VRAM
10-15-2014, 12:03 PM,
Next Gen games=30fps cap and higher VRAM
i was doing a little research on some games coming out next month and found some interesting issues. first it looks like a lot of games and devs are going back to a 30fps cap in order to "pack" more into each frame for mostly third person, open world type games. Ubisoft and Bethesda say its so that games will look better and appeal to a more cinematic effect. on top of that, it looks like they are designing around 900p resolution. hmm, makes me wonder are these optimized for the new consoles and just being ported over to PC?

after looking at "the evil within" specs, it seems that they are recommending 4Gb VRAM just to play this game at 1080p and further stating on their forums that a 780ti 3Gb model might not even play this game at 1080p.(hopefully that is at ultra settings like shadow of mordor) WOW!!!! i remember, when AMD released those R9 gpu's with 4Gb of Vram and doubled memory interface, saying to myself what the heck. my guess is now that they designed those because of the consoles ability to use that 8gig of ddr5 as 4gig of system ram and 4 gig of vram or possibly because the mantle api uses an extra gig of vram.

so, have we taken a step back in PC gaming because of the new console ports? just thought i would share and maybe have some interesting input from some of you guys.

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Next Gen games=30fps cap and higher VRAM - by PwnBroker - 10-15-2014, 12:03 PM

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