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First New Build. Comments-Complaints Welcome
03-12-2011, 02:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-12-2011, 02:59 AM by starbreaker.)
First New Build. Comments-Complaints Welcome
I first must thank Mathieu and company for creating this site, it helped me greatly with deciding on parts and figuring out the build details in general. Build went great, only issue was how tight to tighten the H50 bracket screws, they just wouldn't snug up before it felt like it was already too tight so I took a guess and got lucky. Great performance, high 3DMark ratings between 22,000-25,000, low temps and many steps up from my HP Pavilion paper weight. I'm in PC heaven. Anyway, here are my specs:
Asus Crosshair Formula IV
AMD Phenom II 1090T x6 3.2 BE Thuban CPU
XFX HD6950 2GB
G. Skill Ripjaw 1600 DDR3 2x4GB
Corsair CMPSU-850TX PSU
Corsair H50 CPU Cooler with two fan setup(intake)
Two front fans(intake), one side fan(intake), the two fans with the H50(intake), one top fan(exhaust). All are red led Coolmaster 120mm fans with the exception of the one Corsair 120mm fan on the H50.
Grabbed a cheap LG dvd drive and one not so cheap LG BluRay Burner.
Two WD Raptor 150GB 10k RPM HDDs, one WD Black 1TB 7200 RPM HDD.
A Rheosmart 6-fan controller and of course the HAF912 case with rubber washers for every fan, very quiet when fans are not full blast.

Give me some feedback, comments or a scolding on my choices. Just please don't tell me I should of went with a Intel chip, the benchmarks on my chip compared with Intel's in the same price range are the same or better. Just like I don't wear Guess jeans to work, I don't use Intel to play. Also, for future upgrades I just plan to get another XFX HD6950 for Crossfire, fill in the remaining two slots with another 2x4GB of G. Skill Ripjaw and maybe upgrade to a SSD.

All replies are appreciated.

[Image: rh48cn.jpg]

[Image: xfs09i.jpg]

[Image: 126367m.jpg]

BTW, the desk I got metal/wood for $5, put in $8 of trim and cleaner and it's like new. Fricking places like Office Depot and Best Buy wanted 300 for a simple wood desk half this size. And I though pc parts were expensive, it's the furniture! From left to right, Asus VH236 23.5", Asus VK266 25.5", and the 20 dollar gateway HD 17" I got off craigslist for my weather radar program. I actually bought three Asus VK266's because they were on sale but I gave one to my niece who has a good pc and had a crappy old scratched up CRT, and the other I sold to a friend. I was going to use the EYEFINITY but I wanted independent monitors being I'm mostly multitasking 4-5 hours a day and only gaming 1-2. Had to buy a "active" mini display port/DVI adapter for the third monitor, the HD 6950 will not allow a third monitor using the second DVI out when the HMDI is also being used. Learn something new everyday. Using Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OEM Builder, 79.99. Also grabbed the Razor Naga gaming mouse which I love and the Razor Lycosa keyboard which I don't love as much. More difficult to type accurate fast and a tiny spec of anything will scratch the damn thing.
03-12-2011, 08:03 AM,
RE: First New Build. Comments-Complaints Welcome
Very nice rig. That fan controller is pretty sweet too.
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03-14-2011, 03:15 PM,
RE: First New Build. Comments-Complaints Welcome
One sexy machine you got there. I've been looking for a fan controller just like that, how's the build quality on that Rheosmart? Might have to pick one up for myself.
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