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Computer Starts But Turns Off After 5 Seconds
09-04-2014, 02:34 PM,
RE: Computer Starts But Turns Off After 5 Seconds
None of the pins for the heatsink looked to be out of place. I checked every connection from the PSU. All seemed solid, but I reseated them, and powered up, and it had the same problem. I then tried what you suggested. I disconnected every device, pulled all the RAM except for one stick, and it did the same thing. It had the same problem with a different RAM stick, too, so I don't think the RAM is the problem. I think I have either a bad PSU, or a bad motherboard (ugh). I don't have a multimeter in the house. Is it worth getting one, or should I just get a new PSU, plug it in, and see if that works?

(09-03-2014, 10:45 PM)theBeav Wrote: Personally, I would carefully check the CPU heatsink from the backside to make sure a pin did not pop up, assuming it is intel. If ok...

I would diconnect all the drives, all but one stick of ram and power on, it should go into bios. If it does, connect one drive at a time, power on, cd drives will still boot into bios. If it fails at any point of connecting drives then we need to discuss that. If it does not fail, pull the one stick of ram and put the other in to isolate a bad stick of ram. If it fails with all drives disconnected and one stick of ram, try the other ram stick to be sure or another known working stick. It then is bioled down to a bad psu or motherboard. You can check the psu voltages with a multi meter. Here is the link step by step on that.
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