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Configuration advice
08-17-2014, 11:51 AM,
RE: Configuration advice
Hi guys...just back to put the last nail in this thread. After further consideration I will indeed opt for the Gigabyte Black Edition board. Even though intimidated and looking for a friendly interface....I can make the effort to overcome any issues I might have with fans, voltages and oc'ing by asking for help and doing more research. Also, a lot of the photos of the Gigabyte board make the accent color look as if it is a flat yellow... but one hi rez photo I found shows that the color is actually closer to a mirror finished gold...very sharp. And most importantly the build and reviews do make it the finest choice for reliability and performance for the price I am willing to pay.

So.... I have a few more topics to get to before purchases... next stop memory. I have two options that I've narrowed down to....but that's a subject for another thread. And again...I really appreciate the help!

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