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Corsair H90
06-26-2014, 10:09 PM,
Corsair H90
I am completing the build in a fractal design 4 case. I am using a Corsair H90 liquid CPU cooler. I have successfully installed the fan and radiator in the front of the case as one of two intake fans. The problem I have is the 4 pin CPU fan connector from the fan won't reach to the four pin CPU fan controller on the mother board -an ASUS X79 Extreme 6. There is a three pin fan control on the head that attaches to the CPU but I can't find any information on whether this connector operates both the fan and the pump or if I have to also connect the 4 pin connector from the fan to make things work properly.

I'd like to know what needs to be connected and if there is any place I can purchase an extension for the four pin connector.

Appreciate any comments,

Andy Crce

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