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New desktop, bad FPS
06-12-2014, 02:05 PM,
New desktop, bad FPS
Hello all,

I finished my build with the help of my brother in law who works geek squad at Bestbuy, assuming this meant a grand amount of knowledge about these things. We've had countless issues since the beginning, so I am doubting my previous beliefs.

Some audio issues, no signal being sent to screen (found out card was plugged in wrong slot...), and most are fixed now besides my major one. I built this computer to play Wildstar with, plain and simple. That's all I want to do, maybe a match of league of legends every once in a while. I am getting ridiculous low FPS in all games. My specs are:

Asus z97-A mobo
intel i5-4670k
Nvidia gtx 770
250gb samsung SSD
10gb memory
Rosewill Challenger 3.0 case (3 fans)
Noctua CPU cooler

For all intents and purposes this should be able to play wildstar and league at ultra with no issues, yet even at medium in wildstar im sitting at 20 FPS. It is a new game, im sure there are issues with their stuff, but I have a brand new Asus ROG laptop I bought when this was down so that I could level, and it runs at constant 60 FPS even in graphic intense zones, it has a GTX 860m which uses the same drivers as the 770. Im at wits end right now trying to figure it out.
06-12-2014, 04:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-12-2014, 04:53 PM by Rapajez.)
RE: New desktop, bad FPS
Yup, something's wrong.

Is the GPU plugged into the PCI-E slot closest to the CPU? The mobo manual should highlight the recommended slot. Are both of the power adapters on the GPU plugged into the Power Supply?

Next, check drivers. It make help to create a Windows Restore Point or Backup first. You may have done this already, but go right to NVIDIA's website, and download & install the latest driver available. Make sure you choose Custom, and check the box to do a "Clean Install". DO NOT rely on Windows Update for drivers, or the version that came with the card. Next, I'd go to the ASUS website, and download all of the latest drivers for your specific model of motherboard. There should be one for the chipset, network, and audio for starters.

While you're at it, you might as well make sure you have the latest Samsung Magician software for your SSD. Once that's installed, go the Firmware Update tab and make sure that's up to date as well.

If that doesn't do it, you can check temperatures and make sure nothing is overheating. Download MSI Afterburner for your GPU, and "CPUTemp" for your CPU. Let us know what you find.

You can also verify your memory is good by running memtest on it overnight.

Good luck!
GPU: NVIDIA Titan X, CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz OC'd @ 4.5GHz, Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4, Mem: 2x Corsair Dominator 2133MHz 8GB, SSD: Samsung 850 EVO, Case: Corsair Carbide 500R, PSU: Corsair TX850M, CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14, Case Fans: 4x Cooler Master Excalibur 120mm PWM, Monitors: 3x ViewSonic VX2270SMH-LED in NVIDIA Surround
06-16-2014, 11:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 06-16-2014, 11:41 AM by PwnBroker.)
RE: New desktop, bad FPS
+1 on Rapajez troubleshooting. i will add one to it and it may seem silly but it does happen. make sure your video out cable(hdmi, dvi, etc) is plugged into your gpu video out and not you motherboard video out.

good luck

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