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New Tier 4 built, having crash issues
05-19-2014, 11:50 AM,
RE: New Tier 4 built, having crash issues
glad you found the problem. in most power supplies and cases, the intake fan should be oriented to the bottom if you have a bottom intake opening on the case. this draws in cool outside air to the psu and forces it out of the back of the psu. if the intake fan is on top then it will draw in hot case air into the psu. after re reading your post that may very well have been the trouble(i thought you were still having BSOD's.) sorry.

as to answer some of your questions:

bios is downloaded to a usb stick(make sure the extension is .CAP). then all you do is go into UEFI bios on startup plug in the usb stick and hit the option for "BIOS flash", select the file and load. i wouldnt worry with updating if your machine is working correctly.

to access the .dmp file you will need something to read it, there are third party apps available to do this but like i said above, you will need the WINdbg program, its free. here is a tuturial on how to download and set it up.(very valuable in troubleshooting BSOD'S):

the red switch should be set to 115 if you are on US power, for european power it should be switch to 220 or whatever the other setting is.

again, good luck with it and thanks for posting your solution.(others may benefit from the info)

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