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using a ssd for os and a hdd for storage
05-09-2014, 09:20 AM,
using a ssd for os and a hdd for storage

will someone tell me the correct way(simple way) how to set up a new desktop window 7 for a ssd used for os and some programs and a hdd for storage(music,pictures,downloads, ect.)


05-09-2014, 10:51 AM,
RE: using a ssd for os and a hdd for storage
look at the top of this forum for the aid that mwhals wrote or follow this link:

one tip i can add to that is do not install the hard drive until you have setup and installed the OS on the ssd. then after you can install plug in the hdd and format as usual. skipping this step can cause some headaches.

good luck
05-09-2014, 03:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 05-10-2014, 03:18 PM by PwnBroker.)
RE: using a ssd for os and a hdd for storage
i re-read mwhals little article and it leaves out one thing as it pertains to program files and "Users", although those folders are within the Users library.

in order to load a game on a hdd you will need to create 2 folders after the hard drive is formatted and partitioned.(keep in mind that a 1 TB drive will load games and programs much faster if the 1st partition is about 300 GB, then you can partition the rest of the drive for music, pics, docs, etc.)

after it is partitioned go to "computer" from the start menu. double click on, (E: if that is the drive letter of the partition you want to load games into). after it opens it will be blank, right click and select "new" folder. name the folder Program Files, and hit enter. do another folder for Program Files(x86).

now when you load a game it will default to C:\whatever and all you do is change the letter to E. now the game will load on the hard drive and it will create a shortcup on C: drive desktop to direct it to the E drive.

now say you want of all your User files on the next partition F: of the 1 TB drive you have partitioned. all you do is the same as you did above, right click in F: and create a folder called Users. after that is created, go to start button and click on your user library. right click on the folder that you want to change and hit properties. go to the location tab and change the drive letter to F: and make sure the User folder is in the sub directory name. it will ask you if you want to create the folder directory, hit yes. it should setup another folder in F:\Users\whatever folder as an example.

now you can either delete the folder in C: or leave it there, it doesnt matter. now everytime you ask it to save something, for example, to your "music" folder in you library, it will be in F:

the above instructions are for windows 7 and if you have windows8 you can also do the same procedure but you will have to go into desktop mode and hit the "explorer folder" to get to the drive and Users folder, or you can use the windows key+e shortcut like i do.(if you dont know about the windows+ key feature, read up on it cause its handy dandy to get around in msft os's.

AND, if you think that it would be easier to move the entire Users profile, instead of individual folders, to another drive then forget about it cause it will cause havoc in any windows 8 upgrade or upgrading from windows 7.(there is a way to do it but im not going to explain it because you have to use a msft hidden utility that is often used by someone trained in IT.)

its that simple, lol
good luck

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