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Please post this information when asking a question
12-06-2013, 03:26 PM,
Please post this information when asking a question
We are having a lot of people asking for help which is awesome, however, there are a few things that we absolutely need to know in order to help you

1. Your goals, whether it is playing a certain game or whatever it is you want the computer to be able to do.

2. Your budget, along with whether or not that budget includes needing peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, monitor.

3. Resolution, we need to know what resolution you are going to be using in order to suggest the best price for the components you want. For example, the hardware to play skyrim at 1080p is going to be different if you have a resolution of 1600 x 900

Also as a side note, the builds do not include the price of the OS or shipping. So if you have a budget of say $1,000 and we suggest parts that equal $980, just remember that windows and shipping will bring you over your budget Cool
Here are some links you may find useful.
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