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Laptop for the Wife
11-13-2013, 11:12 PM,
Laptop for the Wife
My wife's old Macbook is finally dying, and she wants me to replace it for her. I looked through the recommended laptops article (great suggestions), but wanted to see if there were some other ideas out there.

Preferred: Small and light, nothing over 13". Decent speed, but no video card / multi-processing needs, because she just intends to manage her food blog and web browse.
She specifically does NOT want a number pad, and DOES want backlit keys.
(But the backlighting is not a deal-breaker)
All in all, I feel like this is probably embodied by one of the many Asus laptops out there in the ~300$ range.
Oh, and touchscreen is not really a big deal either way. Nor is immense battery life, it will probably never leave the house.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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