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Battlefield 4
10-30-2013, 11:29 PM,
Battlefield 4
Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has started playing Battlefield 4 yet?

I played a couple of the multiplayer maps last night when the servers came online and just like when starting in BF3, I didn't do too well, mainly because I was too busy ogling the graphic eye-candy and investigating the maps. Tongue

I played the beta and I wasn't overly impressed, but I guess that is to be expected for a "beta". I felt it was a backwards step from BF3.

Of the couple of multiplayer maps and a little bit of the campaign played, I am very happy with what they have done.

I am also able to run everything on ULTRA with the build in my signature, with no noticeable issues or lag. Big Grin

Two gripes I do have is that there are keys that cannot be mapped.
In BF3, I used the Insert & Delete keys (the ones next to Home & End), but cannot map these in BF4. I don't know why as they are not used for anything else in the game.
Anyone know if you can map (or setup) these keys a different way than in-game?
Also, selecting or using Gadget 1 & 2. I have remapped these successfully, but keys don't work in-game, even though I have gadgets setup in my player loadout.

Interested to hear on what other's think about it.

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RE: Battlefield 4
I played a lot of the beta, at first it felt more like an alpha release rather than a beta release. I still really enjoyed playing it though, maybe closer to Christmas I'll pick it up.

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