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Gaming pc
09-18-2013, 11:08 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-18-2013, 11:13 AM by DanielDelaney.)
Gaming pc
Don't want to bore ye with tons of text so here is what i'm asking
- currently running a compaq presario c700
- need something that will play League of Legends and minecraft on medium graphics
- budget is like 400€
- i have mouse, screen, keyboard, speakers, wifi card already and windows 64 bit.
- willing to get every part except for motherboard, cpu and power supply as second hand, but ye are the experts, please tell me if that's a bad idea
- basically i picked everything from the lowest tier in this article
With the exception of the motherboard, being the low end one that support the i3
- ASRock B75M-DGS LGA1155 SATA 6Gb/s USB3 Micro-ATX
The Coolmaster Elite 430 2x 120mm fans
And the processor, an i3 or maybe a low end i5.
And maybe add another fan or two if i could, but i dont know if there is a need, the computer will be in an open space not near any radiators, on a ground floor with plenty of space all around it, and on tiles so that should help too (i think)

I also have a transcend hard drive 500gb, i was wondering is it possible to take the case off it and put it into the actual computer? ( the orange one)

I don't know much about ram, so i dont know whats best

I really only want to run League of Legends on mid range graphics with a stable frame rate of like 35ish, while running on a gamebooster, or razer game booster application.

I'm just wondering is there anything else i should get or a better part, i'm looking to maybe install better ram and graphics card down the line, but not for now and maybe a graphics card that could support HD if i were to get a Hd Monitor.

So do you guys have any suggestions, and help is very much appreciated.
Also, if any of you are selling parts on other sites that would go well with this, that are in good condtition i am more than willing to go for them.

It's my first time getting a computer like this by the way, but i have a friend who has built one before who has offered to build it for me or help me building it

Thanks a million,
09-24-2013, 12:01 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-24-2013, 12:04 PM by Rapajez.)
RE: Gaming pc
The first question is always, what resolution is your monitor? You always want to set games to the native resolution of your monitor. The higher the resolution, the more horsepower you need. Granted, neither of those game are very demanding, so it probably won't matter too much.

When you say "lowest tier", do you mean Tier 1, or 0.5? With your budget, you could probably go for Tier 2, which should let you max out the settings in those games. I'd say tier 1 at a minimum, to meet your goals. (Then throw in a SSD if you have any left over change. :p )

If you switch up the motherboard or CPU, just make sure they're compatible (the same socket-type). You may want to post here to confirm everything.

Case fans depend on the case you choose. The case will probably come with everything you need, but you can still upgrade to better or quieter fans, or add additional fans if desired. Usually one intake in the front or side, and one exhaust in the back is more than enough for a non-overclocked PC. It all depends on the case and the environment of course.

For RAM, just look at the recommendations in the budget article. If you can't find the exact model, just go with a reputable brand like Gskill, Corsair, or ADATA. Just make sure it's DDR3 (only thing in use for the last decade really). Don't worry too much about the speeds or timings, as RAM doesn't make that much of an impact on overall gaming performance.

You can probably get the hard drive out of that enclosure, but you'd need a mounting bracket if your case doesn't support 2.5" drives (the type used for SSDs). Like this one:

Finally, depending on where your copy of Windows came from, you may not be able to re-use it on a new PC. If it's the key that came with your Compaq for instance, you probably can't re-use it.
GPU: NVIDIA Titan X, CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge 3.4GHz OC'd @ 4.5GHz, Mobo: ASRock Z77 Extreme4, Mem: 2x Corsair Dominator 2133MHz 8GB, SSD: Samsung 850 EVO, Case: Corsair Carbide 500R, PSU: Corsair TX850M, CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D14, Case Fans: 4x Cooler Master Excalibur 120mm PWM, Monitors: 3x ViewSonic VX2270SMH-LED in NVIDIA Surround

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