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Should I upgrade???
09-08-2013, 08:49 PM,
Should I upgrade???
Hey there guys. It's been 2-3 years since I was in the system builder game and I just don't know whats what anymore. There was a time when I knew it all but sadly those days are long gone.

My current system is:
MSI H55M-E33
Intel i7 870
8GB 1333 RAM
NVidia GTS 450

I only have a 21" monitor that maxes out at 1366x768

I have been considering building a new gaming rig or at least upgrade a component or two. Clearly with this MB my only options seem to be to upgrade the vid card but anything else would be a full system build. I noticed that in the 600-800 dollar range the components (with the exception of the vid card) seem to all be less than what I currently have. Less RAM, i3 or i5 vs. my i7. I also don't intend to get a new monitor in the near future so I will be running no more than 1366x768 for a while now.

Should I just get a new vid card and run with what I've got and wait till I'm ready to move in to 1080p gaming THEN make the new build? I know it's a very personal decision but if I want to drop a few hundred bucks (up to 800 without changing my monitor) would I just be throwing money away by keeping my small screen?

I really appreciate your input thanks!

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