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Can an HDD cause response time hiccups?
03-14-2013, 01:21 PM,
Question  Can an HDD cause response time hiccups?
I have been having some big problems with a PC I built back in 2008. It started by occasionally freezing up on me for 15-30 seconds. The mouse pointer won't move, the keyboard doesn't respond, but after a few seconds, things are back to normal.

Then it started freezing during bootup. I would have to power it down and power back up to get it to boot up, sometimes more than once.

Another weird wrinkle is that Windows Update says my video driver needs to be updated, but when I try to install it, it fails (more than once).

I have also gotten the Blue Screen of Death on one occasion, which makes me think my HDD is dying a slowly. But before I purchase a new one, I wanna be sure the freeze-ups don't point to something else - memory, CPU, graphics card?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
03-14-2013, 02:50 PM,
RE: Can an HDD cause response time hiccups?
could be a hdd going but also could be a couple of other things including corrupt MBR, corrupt OS file, or it can be memory especially if the timings or voltages are set incorrectly.

do you get a prompt to do a system restore on bootup or get the normal or safe mode prompt? if it does goes into safe mode and see if the bootloader stalls, it should spit out a list of files and maybe freeze trying to load one of them.

id try the easy diags first, download memtest on a usb and run a memory test when you can. then i would try a hard disk scan, you can use any of the free 3rd party apps to do this or you can use the windows error checking tool/scandisk.

that will get you started and post back with what you find.

good luck
03-14-2013, 05:19 PM,
RE: Can an HDD cause response time hiccups?
Honestly I had the same thing happen to me on a work laptop. Almost identical to what you describe, and honestly I never would have guessed it.

It was that CPU was overheating. Now my work laptop was freezing, having the windows update appear... click it.. it dissapears... etc. HDD got corrupted, however oddly enough we could download everything to an ext HDD, albiet slowly.

Of course it was not a gaming rig, but the fans really put out heat when I thought about it. However the symptoms seem the same to what you experience.

Sounds like a shot in the dark, but if you run RealTemp for several hours, what do you get? Turn it on, leave it running (and maybe even recording), and see what you get. If you start to see CPU throttling, then it's a very strong possibility.

PwnBroker's advice is equally valid, just found it eerily odd that you described an issue I just experienced myself almost word for word.

Let us know what you find.
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