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Gigabyte DUAL BIOS corruption on startup!!!
09-10-2012, 02:35 AM,
Gigabyte DUAL BIOS corruption on startup!!!
In the last two weeks Ive gone from having my dream computer to maybe the most expensive mistake of my life.I built this computer only 2mos ago,and it been bluescreening alot those first few weeks,then it stopped.Then i had gone to a programming friends house to see if we could install OSX,and apparently my computer could run it natively(I had no idea).We ran out of time,even though apprarently it couldve probably have been fixed by just unplugging the graphics card(but thats beside the point).My friend also apparently forgot one of the main rules of desktop care"never move tower from a cold dry environment,to a warmer humid environment without waiting a little while in between start ups"(i also being a first time computer builder was naive to the rule).So i bring the tower back to my house,and the everything seems to be working fine for the first few seconds,then the computer shuts down.I automatically try to push the power button again,with still no result.I repeat this process again and again a few more times only getting the computer to stay on for seconds.At last as soon as i'm ready to give up,it seems to have stayed on longer than it should have been,and i see this message saying something like"main bios was corrupted,updating bios from backup or secondary".After that the the computer restarts,and it seems to be working fine.As to try to avoid this problem again,i thought it would be a good idea to just never shut-off the computer until i can find a solution online.This ends up revealing another problem in this horrible tale,because now after 3-4 hours of use it seems the computer shuts itself off,but when left on all day will stay running.With all of these problems I'm really hoping i dont have to replace the motherboard.My motherboard is supposed to have dual bios which which is why its always able to fix itself,but the fact that it keeps starting up the computer corrupted makes me wonder if i have to reset the CMOS.I'm totally lost here,and hoping i dont have to scrap something,please help!Sad
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09-10-2012, 03:53 PM,
RE: Gigabyte DUAL BIOS corruption on startup!!!
Well, BSODs are not supposed to happen, so you should have told us so when it happened in the first few weeks Wink

Your problem is more than likely either a low-quality power supply (what's the exact model that you have?), which is a common source of random BSODs, freezing and shutdown, the RAM which may be defective or the motherboard itself

You can start by testing the RAM with a program called MemTest86+, which can be downloaded here:

The easiest option is the auto-installer on an USB key, from which you can boot afterward to run the test. Let it run at least overnight, preferably overnight. If the test reports errors, your RAM is most likely the problem.

If the RAM is working properly, then the problem is either the PSU (most likely) or the motherboard (unlikely, they usually either work perfectly or not at all).

Cold is usually not a problem, unless you're talking about freezing temperatures, humidity isn't a problem either, unless you're in a sauna or something alike.
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