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08-19-2012, 02:07 PM,
Hello--first-time builder here! I'm currently in school for IT, though I do networking rather than hardware. I'm a rather serious WoW player, limited to 10s raiding because I'm currently stuck gaming on a three-year-old laptop. Also, it doesn't quite have the power to let me livestream at any decent sort of quality.

I run Windows 7 Ultimate/Slackware dual-boot--the Windows is for gaming, the Slackware's for pretty much everything else. I'm an avid writer and wannabe game designer who swears by Cherry MX Red switches, and who will defend them unto death. Even if people do think I'm strange when I lug it to write-ins.

Sadly, my nearest Microcenter (Fairfax/NoVA) is 3-4 hours away, and Fry's even further.

In order to be getting some practical experience prior to my build (looking at early January for that), I'll be working with my college's Computer Club, which takes components from the school's dead computers and donated machines, and builds them into working computers that are then given to students who don't have them at home to use. I've previously done software for them--this'll be my first experience with hardware, and I'm really looking forward to it!

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