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Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
01-08-2011, 12:40 AM,
Question  Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
Hey there. So I'd like to get your guy's opinion on my budget gaming build. I'll be dabbling into WoW and maybe some SC2 both at the HIGHEST settings possible. I wouldn't mind getting into other games but I will be getting back into WoW once my second HDD comes in.
I guess I can say I am just looking for yall's seal of approval Big Grin

I already had the Athlon II x4 630 and a 4650 512mb but I ordered another video card to replace that one.

So far I have saved 100 bucks with the AII I already have.

Case : Rosewill DESTROYER

Mobo : Biostar A880G+ Micro ATX

PSU : OCZ 600W 80+ certified ModXStream-Pro Modular

RAM : Mushkin Enhanced Essentials 2x2GB DDR3 1333 Dual channel

HDD : Samsung Spinpoint F4 320GB

OD : Asus Sata DVD burner

CPU : Athlon II X4 630

I ordered these six to complete the build with the existing two parts I already had. (AIIx4630,4650)
With that original plan it cost me 264.00 including shipping, promo codes, combo discounts and Instant rebates for a budget quadcore gaming rig.

Original plan...
was to hold off for a month then get a 212+ with an extra fan for PushPull.
Order a rebated 5850 or 6850
Order another F4 320GB for RAID 0
4 more Case fans for improved airflow
Fan controller to turn up the airflow to my case when I game.
Order a PWM splitter to run power to both fans for 212+ through molex and control them through the CPU Header.

But... this happened. I got impatient was in a now or never mood.....(these are rounded up including the shipping cost.) They will be arriving all next week. And they are 5 seperate orders.
Ordered the 212+ - $25

ordered 4 120mm Blue LED case fans + another blademaster - $40

Ordered another f4 320GB - $43

Orderd the PWM splitter - $8

Ordered Gigabyte 6850 + Sunbeam 4 fan channel fan controller - $198

So all in all my total cost was $578 could be a dollar or two lower since I rounded up.
I still have the $20 rebate from OCZ to send in as well.

I feel happy with my purchase, I got a quad core ready to be overclocked to 3.5 (its my goal OC), a 6850, 2 of the fastest Mechanical HDD to be put in a RAID 0 configuration, a sweet looking case that will be hovering with a blue aura Big Grin

But I have a couple of questions though concerning all of this.

1 Is the 6850 overkill if I am gaming on a 19in 1280x1024 resolution Monitor?
2 Any suggestions for applying the thermal paste once my 212+ arrives?
3 Does this fan set up sound alright to yall?
Quote:2 of the 2k RPM Blue LED I ordered for the side intake
2 2k RPM Blue LED I ordered for top exhaust.
I'll mount the existing stock top 1650 RPM fan on the bottom, leave the front stock blue LED fan 1200RPM for looks since it barely pushes any air in and leave the 2k RPM Stock back exhaust fan as is.
4 Will my Athlon II x4 630 bottle neck the 6850 or are they both around the same league?
5 Around what idle and load temps do you think I will get with an OC of 3.5 GHz with a pushpull config with the 212+?
6 I have been reading the reviews and every review that mentions RAID on the A880G+ says it is glitchy and does not function. If that is the case for my A880G+, any suggestions for a raid controller?
01-08-2011, 06:21 AM,
RE: Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
1. Absolutely is overkill for that resolution.
2. Smooth out the thermal paste so that it's the same thickness on the processor. You don't want it to be too thick overall and don't have patches where there's no thermal paste and patches that are really thick.
3. I'm not familiar with the Destroyer case so I can't comment.
4. Depends on the game. In SC2, it'll absolutely be the bottleneck. Usually it'll be the graphics card that bottlenecks a game. At your resolution, you should be running everything on max.
5. Probably 12C at idle and 40C at load.
6. I have no experience with RAID and can't comment.
01-08-2011, 11:27 AM,
RE: Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
1. Chungster is correct.
2. Personally I just put a pea sized drop in the center and smush the heatsink onto it, it spreads out pretty evenly and my temps are great.
3. Sounds good.
4. Yes.
5. 25C - 50C
6. Dedicated RAID controllers are very expensive. Windows 7 can do software RAID, but first I'd see if your built in RAID controller works.
Your friendly forum administrator.
01-08-2011, 07:53 PM,
RE: Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
1.Overkill is good
2.I smushed some thermal paste into the grooves of the 212+'s base. I saw somewhere that mentioned this probably on this website and i am too lazy too look for it right now. and then a small pea sized drop on the processor and then put on the heatsink.
3.never used or seen it so no comment
4.what everyone else has said
5.don't know
6.what Andrew J said
01-09-2011, 12:11 AM,
RE: Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
According to Arctic Silver's site...the proper way to apply thermal compound is to make a single pencil thin line down the center of the processor. This will spread evenly over the CPU over time..
01-09-2011, 05:59 PM,
RE: Opinion wanted for my AMD Build
(01-09-2011, 12:11 AM)occsean Wrote: According to Arctic Silver's site...the proper way to apply thermal compound is to make a single pencil thin line down the center of the processor. This will spread evenly over the CPU over time..

When I installed my 212+ Friday I put a thin line of compound on the outermost grooves on each side, as well as a small rice grain size drop in the center and just slapped it on. I haven't seen the tempeture go past 38 degrees yet. This is on a X4 955.


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