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Looking to do my first build
03-24-2012, 06:58 PM,
Looking to do my first build
Been hooking up store boughts for the last 15 years. When the kids were teenagers, at my peak, I had 4 systems running. Dragged cat 5 to 3 of them and did wireless on other. Put a Buffalo NAZ in and backed it up with one of their matching hard drives. Never really got the hang of that one. I liked XP, it was easy to do the Admin. thing and watch what my kids were doing from my station. Have switched out and copied some hard drives. Got smoked at the turn of the Millennium. Found out my machines from the local shop all shared one thing in common: the serial numbers for software. I never did figure out why two of those machines just stopped working.

So, I feel above novice. No hesitation to do the the physical build. Feeling overwhelmed at how to plan it and not get hosed on prices for thigs.

Heres my idea: Wanna put the CPU, router, and printer in the familyroom closet. Hang a nice 24" monitor in the kitchen. Toss down a wireless logitech key board and mouse with their Unifying receiver. put a dvd under the counter, along with a tray for the mouse and key board. Run hard wire for the monitor, a dvd, speakers, and several usb to the kitchen wall. Its about 15 to 20 foot runs. Then hard wire two of the wireless extenders, one upstairs and one down, to give great wireless coverage for the laptops.

I was thinkin a full case? Plenty of room to work in?? Or maybe a mid case would be fine. Put three matching hard drives for data, with one of the mirrioring programs. Maybe a SSD drive for my software. How would I incorporate the necessary things to run TV, I have direct TV to it. BIG pluse for me if the wife can watch her favorite shows in the kitchen. I haven't gotten into gaming. Maybe someday, retirement.... wanna be able to run video, downloads, with no problems, my current laptop slows up alot when downloading netflix. its our main family computer. internet, movies, pictures, facebooking, im sure my kids do some gaming...

This has probably gottin to long. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.
03-25-2012, 03:37 AM,
RE: Looking to do my first build
Might just be me, but seems like you want an HTPC more, seeing your needs. If you DO put all the parts in the closet, just make sure it has enough ventilation. The last thing you want is a fire erupting in your closet! Favourite shows in the kitchen sounds like Netflix to me. (I know, couldn't understand what to answer, long question ; short answer Wink )
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03-25-2012, 04:32 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-25-2012, 04:32 AM by ichigeki.)
RE: Looking to do my first build
Unless you prefer to build a computer in a larger case, a small HTPC case will do just fine.

As for gaming, it depends on what kind of gaming your kids will do. Do you have an example game they might play? This would also determine the size of the case you would need and where you can place the tower.

As for Direct TV on your PC, are you looking for something similar to this?
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