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First Time Confusion
03-08-2012, 12:24 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-08-2012, 07:13 PM by Jiopaba.)
RE: First Time Confusion
Fair enough I suppose.

Also... watched pot never boils >_< My graphics card arrived two hours after it was out for delivery. My case and memory arrived nine hours after they were out forAND ONE OF THEM ARRIVED RIGHT NOW GOTTA GO

Edit: HAH! They were loaded 50 minutes apart, but on the same truck! I have all my stuff~ GOTTA GO PUT IT TOGETHER, WHOOOOO

Edit2: Hah! Ah... ignore my last post, which I have deleted. I freaked out when the little motherboard speaker played one short beep as a POST code and then it would keep restarting anytime it tried to load windows. After some finagling with my optical drive (found out it wasn't compatible, so I ordered a new one, eh, whatever) I used a utility to move my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 install disc to a flash drive. Went ahead and installed it using that, and here I am!

I had a bit of trouble with not having any of the drivers I needed, so I borrowed my sisters little netbook and copied the ASRock Ethernet Adapter drivers to the same flash drive on a bit of leftover space. Installed those and here I am! I've got Firefox, updating my Flash, downloading my Radeon drivers, Windows Update is chugging away... this is wonderful!

I'm going to go take my old computer out to replace the piece of junk out there, and coincidentally hook it up to the network so that I can suck all the files I want off of it to my new computer then reformat the old one.

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