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Monitor looks fuzzy
02-20-2012, 12:54 PM,
RE: Monitor looks fuzzy
Monitor is a ViewSonic VG2030wm Series. CCC is version 12.1
02-20-2012, 02:40 PM,
RE: Monitor looks fuzzy
(02-19-2012, 02:26 PM)Tiimon Wrote:
(02-19-2012, 01:38 AM)pedwards Wrote: If your running the CCC, you should be running the radeon drivers.

Way you can tell is go into the device manager and look under graphics adapters and see if it says "standard vga adapter". Likewise if you click said adapter you'll see which drivers its pointing to.

Whats not clear however are you able to get into the CCC and see the menu options on the left hand side of the panel or not? It is that you dont see CCC as a menu option when u right click, or you do, but when you open it up, you dont see that menu option?

Alright under my display adapter it shows my AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series. when I open CCC I see Pinned, Presets, HydraVision, Desktop Management, Common Display Tasks, My VGA Displays, Video, Gaming, Performance, and Information. I don't know if that help but this is what I see on my end.

Ok, bear with me.

Two things to ask.
You plugged into the VGA port or the DVI-D port. My thought is that if you plug into the VGA port, it will see it as a VGA monitor. Sounds silly, but I've seen similar before.

Other that may help.
1.) Uninstall the CCC entirely + drivers, etc. Make sure when you go into uninstall, click on the 3rd option which says something like ALL drivers.
2.) Download the latest VGA drivers from Viewsonic for the VG2030wm for your windows version (assume 7 64bit?)
3.) Reinstall the CCC again
4.) Check to see if it didn't change to Digital Flat Panels. If it did, see if you can find the scaling options, if not, let me know what sub menu items do you see under my VGA Displays?

Thinking that since your monitor has VGA output, it might be why it's saying "My VGA Display", or it didn't have the driver for the monitor, so it didn't recognize the monitor for what it was, and instead just a standard VGA.

Oh, last last check. If you still have these settings:
Quote:Edge-enhancement at 11, De-noise at 64, Mosquito Noise Reduction at 50, De-blocking at 50, and my Enable dynamic contrast is check.

What happens if you put the "Edge-enhancement" to 0? Sounds awfully familiar to overscaling...

Fingers crossed!
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