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(Solved) Fuzzy resolution after installing Catalyst Drivers - Radeon HD 7970
09-10-2012, 08:36 AM,
RE: Fuzzy resolution after installing Catalyst Drivers - Radeon HD 7970
(02-10-2012, 04:15 PM)pedwards Wrote:
Hey all,

Got it resolved! Just had to have the right combination. Here's the solution after the post for those interested.

Gr33nGecko;231658 Wrote:Salut ..

Et ben, faut manipuler les parametres dans VECC pour cela .. GPU Scaling, pixel format ratio, ou MS Clear Type dans Windows .. ou soit les parametres disponibles dans le menu de ton ecran ..

Salut Gr33nGecko.

Thanks for the help & fast reply. Where would I find the VECC parameters? Is that separate from Catalyst or same thing? I tried checking most every parameter in Catalyst functionality set (and on the monitor), and MS Clear Type? I haven't seen any pixel format ratio or GPU scaling parameters for example. Is that part of Trixx?


Aha, your a genius. I typed into google "pixel format ratio" and found it!

Key was under:
My Digital Flat-Panels --> Scaling Options --> Overscan to 0%

Et voila!

WOW, thanks so much. I was having this exact same issue, I thought I all of a sudden needed new glasses. I had the exact same settings that needed to be changed. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THE FIX!!!!

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