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Problems with new computer build
01-16-2012, 06:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-16-2012, 06:42 PM by Ghosttalon.)
Problems with new computer build
I built my new computer around 12/10/11 based on a lot of info from this website. The build is as follows:

i7 2600k
AsRock P67 Extreme4 Gen3
Seasonic 650W Gold
2 x 4gb Kingston RAM
750gb WD Black
120gb Kingston Hyper SDD
90 Corsair SSD
CoolerMAster 212 EVO w/ additional fan
All in a Coolermaster HAF ATX Mid case (with an added fan on the side vent)

Everything has worked perfectly up until last night. Since I built the rig I've played a lot of Arkham City and recently I've been playing tons of SWTOR. I have the CPU oc'd to 4.6 ghz and I also had the gpu slightly oc'd using the EVGA software. CPU almost never exceeded 60 C except in stress testing and then it was only slightly over. The gpu never went over 70 C. I did extensive stress testing initially using prime95 and occt and some others. I never had any problems. No extreme temperatures are ever reached during normal gaming as I monitor them on the display of my logitech g13.

So, last night while I'm playing SWTOR, my computer crashes. There's no blue screen or anything, it just shuts off and it won't turn back on. So I open it up and disconnect and reconnect some wires and about 30 minutes later it starts back up. I went to bed after that. This morning I start to play SWTOR again and after about an hour it crashes again in the same way and it won't turn on again for about 30 min. Once it does come back on it starts to reboot every time I try to start SWTOR and then eventually won't come back on at all. I opened it up again and disconnected most wires and tried to turn it back on.

Eventually it would power back up (but not necessarily come back on) and that's where I am now: The computer does spin up but there is no signal to my monitor. In fact, the mobo gives the error code d6 which indicates " No Console Output Devices Are Found" per the manual. So it seems the mobo doesn't acknowledge the gpu's presence anymore. Also, when the computer spins up the gpu fan goes full blast for some reason. I called EVGA and they said it was either a psu or gpu issue and that i should probably just RMA the gpu. I tend to think its the gpu since when I start the computer everything starts up fine but the gpu. But maybe the gpu isn't getting enough power? And why would that happen all of a sudden? Also, would a gpu problem like that cause the shutdowns where there are no heat issues?

Any insight would be helpful. Unsure whether I should just go ahead and RMA the gpu to be safe.

Thanks in advance.
01-16-2012, 06:56 PM,
RE: Problems with new computer build
By your descriptions, it sounds like a defective GPU to me, so I'd RMA it. 650W is enough to handle that setup.
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