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new rig 2012
12-27-2011, 06:03 AM,
new rig 2012
hi, i'm building a new rig because my old one is busted.
i'm not so expert in PC component with the technical term.

so please help me with any suggestion to make my new rig better.
my budget is around $900 only for the rig + all the component inside.

first i'm using this rig for work (photoshop, corel, freehand)
second for browsing email, upload or download file (job related)
third for gaming (in my spare time) interest playing rage, battlefield 3, CS:GO

so this is what i'm came up in the few month (from asking friends,
reading pc related magazine)

Procie : intel core i5 2500k
Mobo : asrock z68 pro3
asrock z68 pro3 gen 3
RAM : kingston hyper x DDR3 1600 pc 12800 2x2Gb
VGA : XFX radeon HD 6850 1 Gb DDR5 256 bit [hd-685x-znfc]
XFX radeon HD 6850 1 Gb DDR5 256 bit [hd-685x-znbc]
case : cooler master HAF 912
hdd : [please give suggestion]
psu : amacrox free style 550w
procie cooler : gelid solution tranquilo

the question:
mobo : in the asrock website the "asrock z68 pro3" mobo spec in the
graphic part is written "- Pixel Shader 4.1, DirectX 10.1". is this
mean it does not support DirectX 11 ?
but the "asrock z68 pro3 gen 3" is written "- Pixel Shader 4.1,
DirectX 11 with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, DirectX 10.1 with Intel
Sandy Bridge CPU" what is the meaning of this?
which one is more value for money ? because i'm planning only
using 1 VGA card.

VGA : which one is better?
i'm already checked the website the
difference is only at
1. GPU clock [775 mhz vs 820 mhz]
2. memory clock [4.0 ghz vs 4.4 ghz]
and the both asked for min power 500w & recomended 650w
is this mean i'm bust buy a bigger psu?

that all... my question
thanks for reading and helping me.

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