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Critique of first build
12-26-2011, 11:07 PM,
Critique of first build
So, I'm planning on building my first computer probably within the next week or so. It's loosely based on a Tier 3 gaming build, and the purpose is mostly gaming. Here are the parts I've been considering:


Video card:



Hard Drive:

DVD Drive:



In total, after shipping, it adds up to $706.45. Price is a strong driving force here; I don't want to spend more than $750, and lower is much better.

A few questions. Firstly, is this motherboard of satisfactory quality, etc, and will it fit into a gaming build well? I'm frankly not very well versed in different motherboards. Secondly, I wondered about the hard drive. The title mentions it is a "bare drive." What is this and how would it affect the build?

Any other comments on the prospective build would be more than welcome! Thanks.

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