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Entry-level workstation build mods
12-23-2011, 04:44 PM,
Big Grin  Entry-level workstation build mods

I read the article on the Budget workstation, and this is pretty much what I am looking for, thanks!

I'm wondering if you can recommend a motherboard in that configuration that's mATX? My preferences are:

-Support Intel socket 1155 (for Core i5 2500 or i5 2400)
-4 slots for RAM (for 16GB)
-I'm not going to be adding a video card (I don't play games, the on-chip graphics should be good) so probably not going to be adding very many things in the PCIe / PCI slots (if at all)
-mATX form factor... I want to keep the case somewhat small (but not ITX small)
-Last 5+ years. I mainly use either Visual Studio or have an environment for Linux Kernel development (so lots of compiling and building)
-Compatible with Ubuntu (10.04LTS) .. or I can run Ubuntu in a virtual machine

Not completely necessary (not a deal breaker):
-USB 3.0
-SATA III ports (for possible future SSD some years from now)
-6 audio ports on motherboard (as opposed to 3 since I have the speaker set up for that)
-RAID support (I don't plan on running RAID, have own backup solution plus hard disks are pricey now)

H61 is out of question (only 2 RAM slots). That leaves either H67 or Z68. Since they are somewhat similar priced, most likely Z68? What do you recommend? Thanks in advance!


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