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New Build...or two
12-18-2010, 11:25 PM,
New Build...or two
Currently I am sitting here with 2 intel core duos both barely over 2ghz. Both are on OEM versions of XP, and as far as I'm aware, that means no replacing the cpu w/o buying a new copy of windows. Long story short, I will have cash for a new build just after the clock hits 2011, and shortly thereafter be looking to replace one the the two current machines, leaving me with 3 total. I am looking for the most cost effective way to go about the upgrades, and wanted to get some feedback from the community.

My thought is to go for a build with an AthlonII 450 or so, stay cheap with the mobo but keep unlock cores option(ACC or UCC), samsung 500GB, and pop a 6850 into the rig, with a power supply in the 600-700w range. Then come March or Aprilish next year look at the new options for cpu/mobo (hopefully bulldozer) and move the athlonII, mobo, and hdd to the new rig, which will be for the wife and kids. I'll move over an existing 4850 to go with the athlonII, and grab an extra 6850 to go crossfire in my PC.

My hesitations are mostly to do with upgrading the cpu/mobo originally, spending and extra 50 bucks or so on a PhenomIIx4 or even going straight for something like a 1075T. I'm guessing that even an AthlonIIx3 is going to feel a lot faster, and hold me over until the new architecture comes out. Any thoughts? Am I thinking along the right lines here? I play some games, and do some home studio recording with Sonar, thus the need for the upgrade.

Thanks for the input!

12-27-2010, 08:01 PM,
RE: New Build...or two
Come next year, expect amd's prices to drop significantly. It probably won't be worth it to get an athlon II by then. You can pick up OEM Phenom II chips on new egg for super cheap when they go on sale. AMD mobo's aren't dropping in price as fast, but they aren't getting anymore expensive. The HD 6850 is a nice budget card.
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