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System won't POST, please critique my recover steps
11-29-2011, 09:44 AM,
RE: System won't POST, please critique my recover steps
There was too much paste, in my opinion, so I thinned it out, but that wouldnt prevent POST.

Since I was finally down to starting the sytem with only the motherboard, the cpu, and the cooler, I can only imagine any shorts would be on the board itself. The cpu was properly seated and locked in. Even without a cooler, the system would start, albeit briefly, so long as the processor and board are in good condition.

I do have another cpu cooler. The Intel processor came with a stock cooler with its own mounting clips. While awaiting the RMA from Newegg, I can always mount that cooler to eliminate any sort of short from the cooler-to-cpu connection (although I seriously doubt that to be the case).

Ill contact Cooler Master for more mounting pins. I suspect they were broken or near broken when the item arrived.

I have only had *one* DoA cpu in my lifetime, so I would be very very surprised to find it nonfunctional. And I built everything in a static free environment, so I have no idea how I could have ruined the board. I'm super paranoid about grounding myself.

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