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Best location for tower
09-28-2011, 10:42 PM,
Best location for tower
I don't know why I thought of this tonight, but where do you all situate your computers relative to your desk?

Personally I have an Ikea desk with the Summera computer holder. It's screwed into the desk itself and it's steel so it seems pretty sturdy. It keeps the computer off the floor (which I'm told is good for dust purposes, even though the floor is hard wood) and also comes with a strap to prevent the tower from tipping.

Here's an idea of how it looks:

I have a different desk without the one leg directly up against the tower as in that picture.

Things that I'm thinking...

1) How is this kind of setup for airflow? Is it bad that it's under the desk? It's not exactly an enclosed space but the airflow is mostly horizontal, not vertical. Would this defeat the purpose of case top fans since I'd just be blowing hot air directly onto a hard surface a couple inches away?

2) How about space between the back of the tower and the wall? A lot of GPUs and PSUs vent out the back. But then again most people have their tower's back facing a wall so maybe it's not a problem?

I've just never heard this discussed so I'm curious. :-)
09-28-2011, 11:22 PM,
RE: Best location for tower
I have mine sitting on my IKEA desk with a shelf located about 8" above it (covers 2/3 of top of computer) and the back of the computer is about 10" from back wall. I have 1 rear (120mm) and two top (140mm) exaust fans and have no issues with heat build-up at all. I should mention I have 1- 120mm intake fan in the front. I probably have more general air circulating as it is position more centrally in my room but I suspect no issues for you and I think you are indeed more dust proof with your raised/under desk configuration vs. located on the floor.

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