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DDR2 vs DDR3 Performance Wise
09-18-2011, 11:58 AM,
DDR2 vs DDR3 Performance Wise
well, I just need to know the right reason to jump the ship (again)

let's go back to the past for a sec.

Back in SDRAM era, having 256MB of RAM is a minimum while most people I know still using 128MB (This is when Progression between Win98 to XP and SDRAM to DDR, and RDRAM just fail so hard just like Windows ME)
Then 3D Gaming strikes hard... real hard, forcing most gamer to upgrade their RAM at least with 512MB (CS, NFS, Doom III,Q4 and the most phenomenal RTS at the time is WC3 and C&C General)

let's forward to 2004-2007
it's the most crucial moment for all PC users, specially gamers, because recent hardware didn't only upgrade speed, but also almost everything
new socket for CPU, new slot for RAM and GPU, making almost old hardware can't be use to new one. PCI-e & DDR2 is coming, new CPU starting from Pentium D & A64 to LGA775/AM2 just pop out non-stop.

most people I know still using DDR2 for their system including me
ever since Vista is out *and also fail hard*, 1GB is recommend and 2GB for most major gamer.

after I upgrade whole old system (Barton 2500, NF2, 9550, etc) to 2 new PC X2 4400 & Celeron E1200 2GB Mem for each system + HD4770

ever since that day, I just avoid any news for PC (not interested, & don't want to know).
I can still run my games perfectly fine and it is just fine till I found out most MMORPG are running their games more than 1 client
that's l33t and d@mn it what a H@x

and now, all I can say is... WTF
now I know how they get all their uber gear in short time.

I want to catch up, but then again... everything change a lot.
new socket (again??? good job intel) lucky that AM3 is backward compatible with AM2 & AM2+
now DDR3 is pretty much standard for new PC
the price is almost identical with DDR2

Question is, is it worth to upgrade? (In my case, I just need to swap my Motherboard and RAM for AMD)

or just slam another 2GB DDR2 to my old system
I've google DDR2 vs DDR3 but all I can find is another old thread that I've already seen by the time I decide to upgrade my pc.

how powerful DDR3 compare to DDR2 for old system?

Thank you for reading, I don't want to make it long actually. Sorry
09-18-2011, 12:28 PM,
RE: DDR2 vs DDR3 Performance Wise
DDR3 is quite a bit faster than DDR2 and also about 1/2 the cost now due to overproduction. I recommend you get about 8GB DDR3 which will be about $45. However RAM speed doesn't effect gaming much at all so it's up to you.
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09-18-2011, 02:20 PM,
RE: DDR2 vs DDR3 Performance Wise
Assuming that you're running XP, you're probably on a 32-bit version of it, limiting your total system to 4GB of memory (including video card VRAM, CPU cache, etc.) or about 3.2GB of RAM. So while a RAM upgrade would help, you'd be bottlenecked by the OS here.

As for upgrading to DDR3: Totally not worth it, as that alone will not give you a noticeable performance boost.

If anything, I'd look into a CPU and GPU upgrade instead.
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09-18-2011, 03:26 PM,
RE: DDR2 vs DDR3 Performance Wise
well, you right, currently using XP
I'm using my brother PC right now
his spec is kinda same with mine & I want to boost it a little bit
[Image: HxIud.png]

already order GT440 to replace crappy IGP

even tough you suggesting 9800GT but, I never like that big bulky, hot & consume too much power.

That's hard decision actually, every mid-range card now days actually crap compared to mid range back in HD4xxx / 9xxxx GT/S series (after doing all night research) except new Tier 3 card

but well, at least it will perform (and consume less) better than IGP
HD 6670 512MB DDR5 from sapphire actually in same range but every retail I contact seems didn't have any stock left.

main reason I want to upgrade RAM is because Multi-Clienting
few MMORPG allow it even make default from the launcher, this game is for example:

I've test it with 4GB RAM it improved significant at least.
CPU was never hit 100% mark, but RAM, it takes a lot of page file (even with Celeron E1200)

as for Bottleneck OS I think this trick might help a lot

but now I think I'm stuck with DDR2 if I really consider to upgrade
it seems CPU didn't supported by any AM3 boards. dang.

unless I sell all of it and get new rig, I'm stuck with this option Sad

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