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Cant find an installed hard drive
06-04-2011, 01:16 PM,
Cant find an installed hard drive
I will try to keep this as brief as possible yet detailed as best I can for proper help.

I purchased a “Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive”. I have tried to install this onto my computer as a second drive and it will not seem to recognize or find it in “My Computer”.

Some info that may tell me what to try:

My computer is 6 year old and I am doing my research to build a new system, I thought to buy the hard drive first and just use it in my old computer until the new system was ready.

I run fully updated Windows XP, all the service packs, and all the most up to date drivers and such for all of my original hardware (though 6 years old)

I do not know at the moment the exact model and make of my motherboard but can get that info if needed, though it does have 4 SATA terminals, only 1 of which is used for my current hard drive. This current hard drive is a Sea Gate 80gb (S2, 7.2K, 8M, LeadFree, SGT-PUMA).

I have a 375w power supply, and have no additional hardware short of the motherboard and processor, 1 cd/dvd drive, graphics card and my current hard drive (and of course the normal setup of things that I might not be thinking of, RAM, the fan and such).

I can provide more information as needed, but here is what I tried and find so far.

I have physically installed the drive properly, connections are tight and correct. I have swapped the power lines between hard drives, the SATA cables between them, and tried the new hard drive with the old one disconnected.

In the F2 system setup, I have currently SATA Operation set to Combined (my dvd drive is a ribbon). Raid Autodetect / AHCI, Raid Autodetect / ATA, and Raid On are available and I have tried each of them to no result.

Under the SATA ports I see my old drive as Port 0 and I DO see the new drive as Port 1. I assume this means the drive has power and is detected to some point. It lists as saying WDC-WD1001FALS-00U9B0, 1.0TB, “This drive is controlled by system BIOS”.

I have turned on and off each of the SATA Ports, and tried the drive connected to each of them including the port that my current drive is connected to with my current drive either disconnected or put to a different port.

Under the Boot system information I ran the Hard Drive diagnostic, and it ran successfully, I could hear the new hard drive spinning and running and it came back as “Pass” for the new drive.

For potential power issues I have disconnected my old drive and my dvd drive and tried all of the above as well to no avail.

In windows, I have checked the Disk Management, I have refreshed the disc search, but the new hard drive does not show up. I have also tried installing new hardware wizard and it does not find it. I have tried the programs on the Western Digital website they recommend installing and during the installation start-up it says, “you must have at least 1 Western Digital device connected to continue”.

I have likewise hooked up the new hard drive as a single drive and tried to install windows onto it, and while it seems to find the drive, it will not allow it to be formatted or installed onto.

I have seen and been told perhaps Windows XP will not run a 1TB drive, and seen and have been told it will, so I’m not sure on that. I have also been told perhaps it will not run with 2 different brands of hard drive, but then why won’t it install when I disconnect the other.

I also have not done anything with jumpers as I don’t fully understand that and wasn’t sure what to do or try.

Any other information you might need I can get, any help you can think of would be appreciated.
06-04-2011, 02:38 PM,
RE: Cant find an installed hard drive
Do you have another computer to connect it to to make sure the drive is not faulty?
Your friendly forum administrator.
06-04-2011, 03:51 PM,
RE: Cant find an installed hard drive
(06-04-2011, 02:38 PM)Andrew J Wrote: Do you have another computer to connect it to to make sure the drive is not faulty?

As a last resort if i have to i can get it to a friend and have it installed on theirs, but i myself do not have a second one to test it with no.

Would that be about all that's left to check or have i just missed something?

and here if it helps is my motherboard... Dell DMI DXP051

And thank you for trying to help if you can
06-04-2011, 05:15 PM,
RE: Cant find an installed hard drive
It should appear in the device manager, but you'd need to format it to appear in My Computer. If it doesn't work in another computer then it's faulty and you should RMA it. Otherwise it's a software issue.
Your friendly forum administrator.

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