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BSOD after 4gb -> 8gb mem upgrade
05-30-2011, 02:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-30-2011, 02:47 AM by DMC.)
BSOD after 4gb -> 8gb mem upgrade
Hi all, new to the boards, hoping you might be able to help me with an issue.

Trying to extend the life of my aging PC a bit longer, and recently upgraded my O/S from WinXP Pro to Win 7 Enterprise 64-bit, in part so I could go beyond 4gb memory to 8gb.

The O/S install went fine (with 4gb), but when trying to add then other 4gb mem, I'm getting BSODs after successful POST (which shows 8gb of memory with no errors) but before Win 7 loads. Varying errors messages, not always the same curiously enough. A handful of times I got as far as Win 7, but then would get some various corrupt/missing file errors. Again, not really consistent. The O/S errors I'm skeptical of, as this happens with a newly formatted drive and a totally new Win 7 install, but only with 8gb, never 4gb.

PC key specs;

850w power supply
ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP
Intel Core 2 6600 @ 2.4
EVGA GTS 450 w/1 gig mem, x2, SLI
Kingston DDR2 KHX8500D2K2 (4 2gb sticks)

According to ASUS, my board should be able to handle the 8 gb, I have 4 slots, and it can supposedly take 2 gb per slot. I ran some various compatibility tools offered by MS, said my system can handle Win 7 64-bit; and it does so with 2 x 2 mem sticks, but dies with 4 x 2.

I've read several boards with people having problems with both Win 7 64-bit with 8gb mem, and also people with my same board having problems with 8gb mem also.

I've tried, as some suggested, playing with the memory voltage a bit (from the dflt 1.8 up to about 2.0), others suggested lowering the RAM speed to 667, down from 800. Doesn't seem to help, though maybe some combination of the two is needed? Tested each memory stick, they all seem fine, any combo of 2 sticks out of the 4 run Win 7 fine, but when I install all 4, boom....

Any suggestions?

My hardware knowledge is probably low-mid range for this crowd, so feel free to spell out any remedies for me, I won't be insulted Smile

Thanks in advance
05-31-2011, 08:14 PM,
RE: BSOD after 4gb -> 8gb mem upgrade
Run memtest86+. Raising the voltage is a bad idea, you could overvolt and destroy the RAM.

I apologize for the late response, I was on a hiatus.
Your friendly forum administrator.

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