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intel i5-2500 installation problem!!!!!!
05-25-2011, 01:48 PM,
intel i5-2500 installation problem!!!!!!
I have a quick question. I am installing the cpu on my ASRock p67 and i can't get the lever to come down. It feels like I am going to break the cpu if I try and close the holding apparatus. Is this normal for that motherboard? It really is taking a ton of force to even get it halfway down, and I hear some kind of crunching while I am doing it. Any feedback?
05-25-2011, 05:46 PM,
RE: intel i5-2500 installation problem!!!!!!
Did you align the little gold arrows up? There is a tiny gold arrow on the chip and on the receptor. The chip only is supposed to go in one way. It did take a fair amount of force to close my clamp on an ASUS Sabertooth board and I was a bit worried about the force necessary but not sure I heard "crunching" sound...hmmmmmm.
05-26-2011, 12:43 AM,
RE: intel i5-2500 installation problem!!!!!!
I just installed my i5-2500 on an H67 motherboard. I was also worried about how hard I had to push to get the thing in there. I had my motherboard mounted in the case already and it bent the middle in with the pressure (there were no mounts in the center of the motherboard). Just make sure the little notches on the side of the CPU are lined up in the mount, there shouldn't be in wiggle room once those are lined up properly.

So if the crunching is from your motherboard maybe you need to support it under the mount. If it's from the CPU I don't think that's good...

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