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Is This a Good Build and Price?
12-23-2014, 10:27 PM,
RE: Is This a Good Build and Price?
(12-23-2014, 04:30 PM)MathieuB Wrote: It would help us if you let us know what you intend to use that PC for Wink

Any reason you removed the SSD? It's definitely one upgrade that will make your PC feel more responsive/faster overall.

1500W is definitely WAY overkill, even if you overclock and get two video cards.

Hey all! I'm using the PC for low-level gaming (no first person shooters) and some video editing (Photoshop and Premiere Pro). My last computer was a Dell XPS 710 liquid cooled icore duo circa 2007(!), but I upgraded it to the limit over the years with help from this site (HD, video card, sound card, ram). And all the advice has worked great so far BTW!

So my plan this time was similar. Spend more on the liquid cooled processor/motherboard (something I don't plan on upgrading), and spend less on the HD, RAM and video card, and upgrade those in the future when the technology goes up and the price goes down. After a couple years, I'm betting that that overkill processor/motherboard will be considered just average. Also, I recently bought a 1TB HD Caviar Black after it was recommended by HR, and while it has been great, I filled up the space after ~1 year. Hence, I thought it would be better to get a larger but slower SATA instead of a SSD, and it would also save on the cost. As for the Power Supply, the PS I had on the XPS 710 was 1000W, so I figured 1500W was the way to go, and the 1500W seems to be about the same price as a 850W due to a sale here.

Hope this helps regarding the background and hope you all can give me some more great advice! Thanks again!

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