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Incremental build to a Tier 5-7 leveraging existing parts.
03-02-2014, 12:17 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-03-2014, 01:33 AM by Dan-H.)
Incremental build to a Tier 5-7 leveraging existing parts.
I'm considering a new build leveraging parts I have lying around. The build will be done in stages, with the first stage being a "decent" system and the second stage being a midrange tier 5-7 gaming system.

End goal: Tier 5-7 Win8-64 desktop gaming / web / home office system, running dual 16x12 monitors (I already have these).

Long term, this is what I'm thinking:
CPU: Core i5-4670K - overclocked? most likely...
GPU: GTX 760, 770 or ??? 6-12 months from now.
RAM: 16+ Gb, 8 Gb is OK for now.
The rest: it depends...

What I have on hand:

SSD: Intel 320 80G SATA 3.0Gbyte/Sec
HDD: HD Western Digital Black WD6401AALS 640GB SATA 3.0Gbyte/Sec (Qty 2)
GPU: nVidia GT 635 (Dell OEM)
PSU: 460W, (Dell OEM from an XPS 8700)
DVDRW: 2007 vintage SATA DVDRW drive.
Monitors: Dell Ultrasharp 2007FP 1600x1200 (two)

Round 1 to get a working system.

Case: $50-90 Does not need to be fancy, good airflow /quiet.
CPU: $235 core i5-4670K $235
Motherboard: $____ TBD: Need some guidance here.
CPU Cooler: $35-75 Cooler master 212 vs Noctua NH-U14S
Memory: $_____ 8 GB -16GB DDR3 ??? How fast of memory is needed / better.

If I go low-end on the case, memory and CPU cooler, I think I can pull this all together for about $500, and still get a decent motherboard. Edit: I'm bad at math. This is closer to $600.

If this makes sense, can I get some suggestions for the motherboard. the Gigabyte Z87 boards have A-LOT of poor reviews on n e w e g g.

How much overclocking can the CPU take without steping up to the Noctua cooler? or for $40 more is this not worth the debate.

Which memory for the long-term overclocked setup?

Other questions:

Will the older and slower 3.0Gb/sec drives be sufficient for the longer-term system? 80G SSD as boot drive, and use the spinners for extra storage? the SSD specs are about 1/2 to 1/3 the performance of the Samsung 840 Pro. I haven't checked the HDD specs, but they are only 32Mb cache, and the older SATA spec.

The Dell PSU has standard ATX connectors. It has two PCI 12v connectors. I read a dumbed down GTX 660 was offered using this PSU, but I don't really trust it. I'm assuming this will have no problem running the 4670K at stock speeds, and may even support some overclocking, and perhaps a slightly better GPU.

Round 2 looks something like this:
GPU: GTX 760, 770, ???
SSD: TBD. depends on performance of the Intel 320.

Does this make sense to do? It seems like a decent $500 investment with fair upgrade potential.
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.7Ghz Mobo: Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 5 GPU: MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G HSF: Cryorig R1 Ultimate
Mem: 2 x 8GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3 2400 SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB + a few spinners
PSU: Seasonic SS-760XP Platinum Case: Fractal Design Define R5 Monitors: 2 x Dell 2007FP 1600x1200

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