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New Build, Overclock options not working
01-02-2014, 09:52 PM,
New Build, Overclock options not working
I pieced together my first computer with recommended parts, some modification from a tier 7

MSIz87-G45 motherboard
I5-4670K chipset
GTX-780 ti superclocked 3gb video card
G Skill 1833hz 16gb ram
Windows 7 64bit
The rest I dont see how would affect the questions I have.

I picked components that should be able to overclock, and if i used the bios function, I can choose the overclock genie button, and get around 4.0. This is probably plenty for now, but would like to understand my equipment more. Following a string from youtube, someone with the same chipset and board has options in the bios that are adjustable, where mine does not seem to be. Do i have to unlock them somehow? Specifically, the "adjust cpu ratio" option that most seem to turn up to 44-46ish, mine is stuck at 40 in "Auto" with no selection to change.

Additionally, I have some desktop tools that came with the hardware, like the "MSI™ Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility" Is there options to do the same things in this program instead of bios? I dont want to start pushing buttons, and sliding bars until I know what Im doing.

Another separate yet related question is, my video card can be overclocked too? It is "supercharged", but does that mean it is already overclocked? Again, I have a software packaged with the video hardware, "EVGA OC Scanner X" and EVGA Precision X".

I tried to read into some of these questions through searches, but I see alot of "set these numbers, and it works" without any explanation as to why. If there is good how to do videos for this software, or explantion as to why my identical hardware is not able to do what is being shown on youtube, I would greatly appreciated.

Last note, this site was a big help in picking components, and had good links where I was able to learn why I want certain features in all aspects of the build, so thanks again


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