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Random Reboot/Shut down. MoBo still lit
01-05-2013, 03:01 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-06-2013, 04:22 PM by gilbertguy.)
Random Reboot/Shut down. MoBo still lit
(Edit: Computer components)

Thanks for at least reading my post.

I have had this issue since the 2nd day of my build back in 2011. I booted up the computer and shortly into playing Portal 2 my PC died on Christmas day. Very very sad day for me. However, I was able to reboot it.

Here is what usually happens...

It does not matter what I am doing I have a chance of random reboots. Even when I have the computer remain idle on the Windows log-in screen, it has a chance to reboot. On some occasions it will seem to completely die. In this case I have to pull the plug for several minutes. I used to just unplug and go about my business, then plug back in and I am good to go for an unknown amount of time.

Recently, I have noticed when it goes into that "dead" state that my USB items are generally still lit as well as my network light on the MoBo. I unplug the PSU like I would usually and after about 30 seconds the lights will go out and I am able to plug the PSU back in and good to go.. kinda.

There have been a couple occasions of BSOD, but that seemed to be an issue with my second monitor not being seated correctly. This issue seems to have been fixed however.

Everything mentioned just is as randomly as you can possibly imagine. I have left my computer running for a few weeks no problems. I don't change anything or I have it remain idle on the desktop and it may or may not reboot.

I have run the memtest in the past and previously both of my sticks would fail on random tests. I completely disassembled everything, found that I left the little plastic film on my heatsink (lol), reseated everything and made sure that my RAM was put into the opposite slot and now the memtest has not failed after overnight tests.

I am completely at a loss at this point and I am unsure what I should do to check for what may be causing the issues and I don't really want to shell out a ton of money to fix the problem by replacing everything. Also, borrowing a PSU unfortunately is not an option as the issue is too random to be able to duplicate the issue.

Please let me know if there would be any test I could run or whatever else can be done to narrow the issue down and have whatever it is fixed.

CASE: CoolerMaster Storm Scout
PSU: PC POWER Silencer Mk III Series 600W (PPCMK3S600 600W)
CPU: INTEL CORE I3 2120 3.3G 3M R
GPU: HIS Radeon HD6850 (H685FN1GD)
RAM: GSKILL Ripjaws 2X4GB (F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL)
HDD: Western Digital Blue WD5000AAKX
MB : ASROCK (H61M/U3S3 H61 LGA1155 R)
CPU: HEATSINK CoolerMaster Hyper212+

I have lived with this problem for over a year. Please help!


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Random Reboot/Shut down. MoBo still lit - by gilbertguy - 01-05-2013, 03:01 PM

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