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Sound and internet connection randomly go away
05-06-2012, 04:07 PM,
RE: Sound and internet connection randomly go away
Ok so after some more research and messing around. I found it actually disables my "realtek HDMI output" whenever my tv turns off or when I switch to another input (tv,av,s-video). When I go to "playback devices" the hdmi output is listed as "not plugged in" although it clearly must be since the hdmi also provides my picture.

The reinstalling of windows did fix my other sleep issues, but the audio appears to never actually have been associated with sleep, and so it still lingers.

I have seen many people complaining of realtek and amd cards not getting along as far as hdmi audio goes. And every discussion I find just results in a dead end. I really would prefer to keep my hdmi around as the video quality looks a lot better than the DVI to VGA converted picture and I would have to use speakers (aka no more remote controlled volume!)

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