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First build - Cooler & Dr Debug error questions
02-05-2012, 05:04 PM,
First build - Cooler & Dr Debug error questions
Ok, getting my rig up to speed. A few hiccups along the way (like not hitting the mobo power button and thinking my PSU was dead), but doing well. My storm trooper case didn't come with the tool-less rails, but can wait for that since I have the SSD mount, and can mount my HDD later.

So a few things I've noticed.

- After tightening the Thermalright Silver Arrow in its place, I noticed later that if I firmly hold it, I can move it ever so slightly. I tried to tighten it again, but I'm really concerned about putting too much pressure on the CPU. Is that normal? Assume it should not move at all, but perhaps with this design (the bracket does fit snug, but it's not like locked into it) their may be some movement possible?

- Also I noticed (maybe linked) that twice Dr. Debug gives me a 0x0E - Microcode not found error. I reflash the BIOS, and that seems to work. Should I troubleshoot it more? Saw on some sites that it could relate to RAM seating or (yikes) CPU seating. Should I pull it all apart again? I cringe as if I have pull the heatsync off - for both RAM & CPU - then putting the cooler on in the case will be quite a chore.

I'm guessing these issues aren't fixed. Appreciate any feedback.

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First build - Cooler & Dr Debug error questions - by pedwards - 02-05-2012, 05:04 PM

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