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Tier 9, two questions
08-31-2011, 03:48 PM,
RE: Tier 9, two questions
Congrats on the new rig.

If I recall correctly the power supplies for tier 8-10 were calculated with an assumption that the CPU would be overclocked. So you power supply should be good.

As far as eyefinity performance I just found this review today where they test a varaity of Radeon cards (both with and without crossfire) at eyefinity resolutions. It looks like the 6950 crossfire combination does fairly well (fps 30+) for the games they test.
Radeon 6970 & 6950eyefinity benchmarking

If your 27" monitors are 16:10 the performance will be a little lower because of the additional pixals but it should not be a huge impact.
Also all of the benchmarking/reviews typically are using the absolute max setting and you can often get significant performance improvements by using a slightly lower AA setting (x4 vs x8).

You should post pics of your build if you haven't already. I am looking at building a tier 9 as well and would love to see a finished product. Big Grin

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