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Input appreciated on a build.
08-28-2011, 04:27 PM,
Input appreciated on a build.
I was looking to put together a system, I was aiming for somewhere around 1200-1400, not an entire system, recycling my mechanical HD's, two 10k velociraptors, my monitor/peripherals etc.

Everything else I'm planning on buying new, I've read a lot of the guides and what not, and I realize some of it is probably overkill, but oh well, I'm going to be primarily gaming, multi-tasking, prefer multi monitors but only running two currently, maybe do some encoding although rarely, and while I don't know if I want to overclock out the gate I was interested in doing it later, hence some of the choices. I'm not particularly interested in water cooling if I can avoid it(which is another thing I don't have much experience with and would appreciate some feedback on). One thing I also wanted to do which I may or may not have with this setup, was the "future proof it" concept that some of the articles listed, so I'm not sure if this setup accomplishes that or not.

That being said -

Antec DF-85 for the case, (a largely aesthetic choice, and it supposedly has really good airflow). I'm aware of the haf-x I didn't really like the way it looks, but I'm not dead set on putting form before function.

Asus P8P67 Delux-Rev3.0, seemed like it had pretty much everything, and maybe more than I really need, haven't always been a fan of the brand but it "looks" from reviews like it'd be a good performer.

2x Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 6950's (2gig version)(hoping for the unlock obviously), and to crossfire them(which I haven't done in a system yet, and was interested in doing).

I7-2600k, overclock eventually, (probably overkill for most of the stuff I do)

Wanted to go with 8 gigs of ram, liked the looks of the ripjaw stuff, but taking an aftermarket cpu cooler into consideration I might go with something more low profile as all the guides here have suggested, and maybe somewhere around 1600 or higher speed wise.

Kind of open ended on the power supply thing, I think right now I was eyeing the antec high current 750 w, 80 plus bronze, or whatever it is. Could maybe stand to go higher.

I did read a lot of the guides on this site, and some other places trying to do the research and what not, and of course would appreciate any feedback if anyone has any, thanks in advance =)

I've considered the ssd boot/app drive concept, but might opt to do that later. The other thing I was considering doing was ordering the cards now, as I'm pretty sure I want to take them as the route, and throw at least one of them in my existing system temporarily.

Current setup is
EVGA LGA 775, nforce 750 sli ftw
Evga GeForce GTX 260, 896 memory
650W Power supply
4 gig corsair dominator 1066
2.5gig Core 2 Quad q6600 kentsfield
The Velociraptors in raid 0.

This system still runs most of my stuff pretty well it's definitely showing it's age a bit though as it's about two years old currently. Only supports windows 7/32bit also, so ram capped. Would of course plan on running 64bit on the new system. Thus ends my rambling, so a redundant thanks =)


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