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hey Pedwards? - PwnBroker - 06-28-2016

did you ever get that acer uqhd monitor problem ironed out or did u go with a different monitor all together? im thinking of getting one or somehing like it later this year.

hey Pedwards? - pedwards - 06-29-2016

Hey bud.

Actually yeah. I didn't share the final tally. I did a last ditch effort to buy an Acer x34 from Amazon in the uk and lo and behold I got a March 2016 build date. Now the only thing.... Grayscale banding seems to remain. However that seemed to appear after calibrating it for 100hz, and can't seem to undo it.
So as that was really the only thing I kept it. And boy oh boy do I love it. 3 browser windows same time so I can check specs shop and read articles simultaneously. Been trying out xcom2 in uqhd, and it sure is purty.

Love it. Granted huge pain in the arse to get one I liked but really enjoying this bad boy.

By the time you go looking again, let me know and gave give some some tools and advice depending what's available at that time. You might even hit gold with 144hz along with dual 1080 Ti's to drive them. Wink

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RE: hey Pedwards? - PwnBroker - 07-05-2016

cool, yeah id love to have one with more workable space. justing waiting to see what AMD is going to release in their upper echelon cards and by that time maybe some more manufacturers will pick up the ultra wide in that screen size and make it more competetive price wise.