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Internal Harddrive - sodafarl - 10-29-2015

Hi all
I'm not that computer savvy but when it's working well I can do ll that I want on it. I use my desk top in conjunction with my digital camera using Photoshop and Lightroom. Digital RAW files can be quite large so I use a portable harddrive to save all my photos onto. I was told recently that a more reliable means of storage would be to buy a 'Western Digital Black' 1 TB internal H/D for which I can also buy a 'case' into which the H/D plugs and which can then be attached to my computer via a USB port. This 'case' would also have it's own power supply socket.
Does any of this make sence? and if so has anyone done it, and if so can anyone tell me where to purchase these items.

RE: Internal Harddrive - Dan-H - 10-29-2015

what kind of desktop do you have?

Why not mount the hard drive in the desktop as it will be faster and always available.

Anyway, here is a link to hard disk docks on newegg.

RE: Internal Harddrive - Dan-H - 10-29-2015

I bought this a while ago for about $15.00

It would work also.

I still think installing the HDD in the desktop makes more sense to me.

RE: Internal Harddrive - PwnBroker - 11-02-2015

if the pc is the only machine you use then it would make sense to put it in the pc case for coolong purposes. if you also use a laptop then an internal drive in an external enclosure. matb is the pro photogapher and if i remember he uses a 3tb wd red in an external enclosure with his laptop.

search for "hard drive enclosure" on newegg.