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1st time building a pc - telloale28 - 05-31-2015

Hello I'm new person here in this forum and in a few months I will build a computer for the first time and I'm excited for this experience and I ask could you check if I did Alright chosing the components for the computer and please can I get suggestions for a case.
Here they are.[Image: b9b1349e3e413d04d9f2c7afc2c1b079.jpg][Image: 0dd15e8cd0c72f33df206260ac0e1af8.jpg][Image: 0d42a0e481599455141da152d4c6b019.jpg][Image: 553570849444809cf3e0fec07ba361cf.jpg][Image: 69bccaac334de5af426a1892e05fa0be.jpg][Image: 4e9ac972b316e49f2adda446aaf43a45.jpg]